Punk’s not dead

Punk’s not dead.

That was true in 1981 and it’s still true in 2015. On Wednesday, September 23, Public Works is proud to host the opening night of SF Punk Renaissance 2015, a festival celebrating 40 years of all things punk rock.

rite of spring george sera

Old-school punk photos, art, and film stills will be featured in the Punk Rock Sewing Circle’s exhibition entitled Tunnel Vision, on display in our very own Roll-Up Gallery. Punk’s DIY ethos democratized music, art, fashion, and publishing, and these rare photos (many never seen before) from its first wave (1977-1981) capture the immediacy and the vitality that characterized this era. The exhibition features works by seminal photographers who worked for SEARCH AND DESTROY, a groundbreaking zine that chronicled the punk scene and its discontents; small portfolios from Joe Truck, Vincent Anton, Sue Brisk, Richard Alden Petersen, and Kamera Zie; and George Sera’s hauntingly beautiful photos, previously seen in the Punk Renaissance: Early Warning gallery exhibition.


There’s also a whole slew or archival punk footage and cult punk classics to be screened, including works from Target Video, a San Francisco-based studio helmed by videographer and artist Joe Rees, who filmed a broad range of early punk artists, like Dead Kennedys, The Clash, William S. Burroughs, Survival Research Labs, Black Flag, and many more. There’s also shorts from filmmakers Mark Huestis (who later co-founded the Frameline LGBT Film Festival), Richard Gaikowski, and Bruce Geduldig, an early member of local synth-punk act Tuxedomoon.
Last but certainly not least, a dance party will complete the festivities. Whether you’re a dyed-in-the-wool punk rocker or new to the scene, the SF Punk Renaissance will have something for you. Grab tickets now and we’ll see you next Wednesday!