Raindance Brings The Tribe Back To The Bay

Yes, you heard that right. Raindance are bringing SF’s deep house heroes Dubtribe (pictured) back to their beloved city on Friday, July 20th. But not just Dubtribe, but Dubtribe Soundsystem, Sunshine and Moonbeam playing a  live set. Dubtribe carved out a unique niche (uniche?) for themselves in the mid-to-late ’90s. Their 1994 debut album Sound System showed the dance music community that they had arrived and had something to say, the evidence of which was on key tracks like “Hold Your Head Up High,” and “So Much Love.” The classic “Mother Earth” had preceded Sound System the year before and like the long player it was on the Chicago label, Organico, home at the time to Derrick Carter and Chris Nazuka’s Sound Patrol project.

This was only the beginning. The Tribe went to release a string of classic club tracks on labels such as their own Imperial Dub Recordings imprint, Jive and Defected. Their music was heard and felt on the dance floors of the world in the late ’90s when their Bryant Street LP came out on Jive. Crossover success was at hand but, of course, once again the mainstream US music industry dropped the ball on club music for the second time in a row (trashing disco being the first blunder in relation to dance music) by calling it ‘electronica,’ a leftover and rock-centric term from the ’70s and ’80s to describe heady electronic music by groups like Tangerine Dream. Luckily Dubtribe were able to have their talent appreciated more in Europe in the early 2000s thanks to releases on the UK house powerhouse (is there such a thing?) Defected. Regardless of their trials and tribe-u-lations they are back to rock us once again. We can hardly wait.

And in usual Raindance styley not only do the headliners have serious clout, but so do the other folks in the support slots. Jenő, the legendary Wicked dj is also on board to play some top-notch tunes to compliment the Tribe’s storming live set. The man needs no introduction, his tunes are always quality. Add to this Heyoka, from the Muti Music label, a guy whose sound skirts the psychedelic aspects of bass music. He fuses early influences like hip-hop and dub with newer innovations like dubstep and IDM to create music that is at once driving, bassy, relentless and extremely musical.

If that wasn’t enough for youz the Raindance crew also brought these folks on to round out the night and make it one helluva party; residents, Little John, Mozaic, Digital Honey and Rob Monroy as well as Symbiosis’ MIHKAL, Knowa Know One from Street Ritual,  Shawna of El Circo, and Beat Church’s

I hate using the word epic, but this is going to be epic, so excuse me in advance. Can’t bloody wait!!!!

The Works Clerks