Rally Round the Family! With a pocket full of ear plugs…

One of the greatest things about the music community in San Francisco, is its willingness to band together to help out its members. This last year saw more than its fair share of benefits for beleaguered San Franciscans. From house fires, to stolen equipment, to medical emergencies, the SF music community was plagued by acts of god, vandals, and medical bills. But, unfortunate circumstances can only last so long amidst a sea of supportive ravers and the philanthropic nature of some of San Francisco’s finest crews and performers. Speaking of some of San Francisco’s finest crews and performers, enter Michael harms….

For the past 10 years Michael Harms has given his heart and soul to music, through his label (Hot N Heavy Recordings), solo projects (Tone Chaser, Konnekt, Exotic Pet Dealers) and as the mixer and engineer for over 100 tracks for artists all over the world. His unique and magic studio touch in mixing and mastering has enabled dozens of artists to achieve massive chart success. Mikey’s selfless, and tireless work has helped to fulfill the musical ambitions of many a producer. He is one of the “glue” people in the music industry, mostly unnoticed, seldom celebrated, but CRUCIAL to the success of dance music.

Michael has been battling a life-threatening medical condition called Chiari Malformation, a rare and serious neurological defect. He had a severe form of this condition which caused the cerebellum to descend into the base of his skull and completely block the spinal fluid from his spinal cord. Only 1 in 1000 are born with this condition and there is currently no cure. He recently had to undergo intensive “Foramen Magnum Decompression Surgery” to remove the base of his skull and create more space for the cerebellum to reopen the pathway for his spinal fluid. The operation is risky with no guarantee of success and with no health insurance, along with being denied by both Healthy SF and Medi-Cal, all his medical care and medications have left him with crippling hospital bills. As he continues to require medical treatment for other serious conditions and rehabilitation, we want to help relieve as much of the financial burden we can but we need your help!

Michael is one of the best people you’ll ever meet and is the last person to ask for help but we are doing everything we can despite of that. One thing we know about the SF community is that we all band together to help our friends. We are getting full support from SunsetSF, Hot & Heavy crew, Public Works, YBR Promotion, Lights Down Low and of course, our headliners Kastle (Symbols) and Udachi (Trouble & Bass, NYC). We LOVE you Mikey!

10pm-4am | 21+
To purchase advance tickets (whether you can come or not), visit this link: www.sunsetpromotions.com

If you are unable to attend the benefit but want to contribute, please do so on the WePay donation page:

For more information about Chiari Malformation, please watch this video: http://youtu.be/50nI45Qn878


Please join us on Saturday, January 12 in the Oddjob Loft to support a beloved member of the SF nightlife community and a force behind over 100 dance music recordings, Michael Harms aka Konnekt (Hot N Heavy Recordings).

KASTLE (Symbols | www.kastledub.com)
UDACHI (Party Like Us, NYC | www.udachimusic.com)
COMMODORE 69 (Hot N Heavy Recordings)
DJ ICON (Opulent Temple, www.djicon.com)
KOZEE (Sounds of Sumo, Slit Jockey, www.kozeemusic.com)
RICHIE PANIC (Lights Down Low)
SLEAZEMORE (Lights Down Low)
GROUND_CONTROL (Hot N Heavy Recordings)

Guest of Honor: KONNEKT