Red Bull cares about your taste in art

So, being the prolific purveyors of future trends and the patron of the arts that they are, Red Bull is once again doing some pretty cool shit while simultaneously blowing up and strengthening their brand. No other company has been as successful as Red Bull when it comes to aligning themselves with relevant art & music, and finding ways to contribute back to artists and musicians.¬† The Red Bull Music Academy is one of the most respected and sought after programs in the world, with its extensive lecture circuit and 2 month long intensive music course that crams a handful of the greatest upcoming¬† musical minds in a random city and let them have at it. And, not only do they care about music, but they care about your eyes too. Red Bull is curating an art show that celebrates San Francisco’s most innovative contemporary artists as they turn their eye-catching designs into canvas-wrapped Red Bull coolers. The work will be showcased at Public Works, San Francisco on Thursday January 31st 2013 at 9pm. You and a luminary panel of judges will vote 2 artists through to participate in a Red Bull Curates Canvas Cooler group exhibition this coming December in Miami during the 2013 Art Basel Season.

Come check out the SF Canvas Cooler show at Public Works on THURSDAY 1/31 with music by Om Records Artists :