Scuba To Go Deep At The Works

Paul Rose, AKA Scuba and SCB, is pushing dubstep/UK garage in directions in which it really needs to go. Instead of it being a noise for angry, adolescent boys Scuba steers it toward textures and rhythms derived from techno, electronica/IDM and deep house. This is reflected in his own music and that of the music he releases on his Hotflush label, home to artists like Mount Kimbie (whose performance on our second night was sublime), Boxcutter, and SF’s own Lando Kal.

This approach, to what the prolific English music writer Simon Reynolds calls “the hardcore continuum” (i.e. the strands of music that have evolved from hardcore breakbeat jungle), takes UK bass music into a post-dubstep phase, a place where the influence and importance of 2-step garage, techno and house are re-assessed, reformulated and put into play. In this musical context, fusion and progress seem inextricable and that is the feeling you get when you press play on a Hotflush release. Your brain and ears play a scrambled game of “name that genre” while your ass follows a more direct route towards robo-funk movement.

Tomorrow night at the Works, Scuba — along with Martyn and Deniz Kurtel — will show San Francisco’s music-hungry clubgoers what the next phase of dancefloor fusion is all about. Please join us on the floor to dance, embrace the present and dream of the phuture.