Space Dimension Controller

To our knowledge  — and we’re very knowledgeable over here at Public Works Towers, and modest — Space Dimension Controller, the Belfast, Northern Ireland based wunderkind, who has been setting the electronic dance music firmament alight of late, hasn’t graced the shores of the vast American continent…yet. However, some of his recent work for classic Belgian label, R&S, and for those Italo obsesssed boffins over at Clone in the Hague should change all that. Also, his about to drop — heavily, significantly and largely — remix of Model 500’s “OFI” should generate some serious heat. Its fluid fusion of electro, Detroit style techno and rolling funk rhythms will be turning dance floors across the globe into screaming, writhing pits of sheer decadence (we can only hope) by the summer.

If this artist is new to you then be sure to investigate further, you won’t be disappointed. His music sounds as accomplished as someone twice his age and he touches on techno, electro, deep house and boogie while managing to sound very unique and modern. Don’t sleep, this kid is gonna be huge.

Check out his Model 500 remix below. Devastatin’ stuff, dare we say it ourselves. Go on, dare we, we dare ya!

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