Starship Connection At The Works Saturday

Starship Connection is a live collaboration featuring, B. Bravo and Teeko — two of the Bay’s most prolific providers of forward-looking funk — and Daren Grant on keyboards and Bob Menacho on synth and electric bass. This awesome foursome has sculpted a wonderful fusion of melodic seduction, booty-moving bass, earth-shaking low end and top-notch musicianship. They bring an impressive cache of analog equipment, inspired artistry and musical chops to the table and then knock the table over with a lickle bit of bass. They are playing on the main floor of Public Works on Saturday, June 2nd.

Their tracks range from slow numbers for bumping and grinding to, right up to floor-rocking, hand-waving, panty-throwing anthems. Also on board — or on the bridge, should I say? — for the night are The Bangerz’ DJ Goldenchyld and Benito. Both these cats know how to rock the ones and twos. Goldenchyld has shared stages with the likes of Z-Trip and has a DMC championship under his belt. Benito, like both B. Bravo and Teeko, is a Frite Nite member, and a man capable of slinging out bass-heavy groovers that roll under the kinds of arpeggios that would have Moroder gasping in disbelief.

So if you’re looking forward to a night of thumb-twiddling and fiddling with the remote on Saturday you should do yourself a favor and step out to the Works for a night of galactic funk. It’s gonna be shlammin.’

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