The Black Madonna tells it like it is in new interview with 48 Hills

Ahead of this Saturday’s shindig — As You Like It featuring Robag Wruhme, Daniel Bell, The Black Madonna and more — 48 Hills, a local blog, gives us a full profile and interview of the Chicago DJ/producer The Black Madonna.

“Marea Stamper was born in Appalachian Kentucky, raised on rave (her first was at age 14), and all-in for dance music from the very beginning. In the past decade, she’s made her home in Chicago and become a supernova on the dance scene — rising to become the talent buyer at Smart Bar, the legendary 30+-year-old club, putting out a string of acclaimed records, and traveling the world with her unique blend of curveball beats. She’s always down to drop slow funk, leftfield electro, jazzy rants, lost disco, hypnotic Afrobeat, or even cutting edge techno bangers into her sets, her impeccable ear guiding everyone to a higher state.”

Click HERE to read the full interview with The Black Madonna! And click HERE to buy tickets!