The future of soul

Natasha Kmeto just might be an angel. Sent from above to remind us that there is a very human heart beating at the center of all this technology we find ourselves enmeshed in. If one ever doubted the humanity inherent in digitally-created music, one need only listen to Kmeto’s work to know that the soul, above all else, abides. Armed with a richly gorgeous voice, and an experimental bent in her production, Kmeto’s music is the future of soul, existing at the intersection of Jazz, Future Bass, and R&B. Strange textures, and low-end ramblings abound, all held together by the sultry power of her voice.

Natasha Kmeto joins local beatsmith Insightful, Motormouth MC Joe Mousepad, and the vocal + dj combo of Manitous & Swoonz OF Slayers Club at Public Works for an early show on Sunday February 10 — only $5!