The San Francisco Opera comes to Public Works!

We don’t take ourselves too seriously here at Public Works, in case you haven’t noticed. Having fun is kind of a way of life for us. With that said, we like growing up a little bit and acting like adults — from time to time, at least. We’re super excited about our February 11 event, the very first SF Opera Lab Pop-Up, because it gives us the chance to act a little bit grown-up (opera is for grown-ups, right?) while also having a lot of fun.


The SF Opera Lab is an exciting new project from the San Francisco Opera, in which traditional opera programming (vocal performances, chamber music, romanticism) are performed at very non-traditional venues — like right here at Public Works. Contrary to popular belief, opera is for everyone. That’s why Opera Lab is so exciting — seasoned aficionados will find themselves experiencing opera in a whole new way, while opera newcomers will find a welcoming, easygoing environment in which they can explore a new artform.


There’s no dress code — come as dressed-up or -down as you like. Feel free to come with a friend or a partner, or fly solo. And, of course, Public Works possesses a fully-stocked bar, with delicious cocktails, beers, and fine wines available to provide a bit of punch to your evening.


Visually speaking, expect something like Pop-Up Video meets the opera. Live “pop-up” visuals will keep your eyes busy, peppering you with little informational tidbits about the world of opera and more. Plus, costumes will be on display for up-close examination, with more opera-themed activities in the mix, too. Musically speaking, this first edition of the Opera Pop-Up will feature previews and sneak peeks of the programming you can expect from later Pop-Ups, in addition to the lush vocal talents of the 2016 Adler Fellows, who’ll be lending their voices to brighten the evening. And come hungry! Delicious food will be on offer courtesy of Hella Halal.


Pre-sale tickets are currently sold out, but there will be an additional batch released this week. (link: Check back in a day or two to snag a presale — otherwise, entry will be $20 at the door.
We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to be grown-ups, if only for a moment. We hope you can come celebrate the San Francisco Opera with us this Thursday!