The Works and Forward SF Give You Maceo Plex and Robag Wruhme

On May 27th Public Works and ForwardSF present a night of upfront, cutting-edge, four- on-the-floor, Forward-looking bidness as we present Maceoplex (aka Maetrik or a being lodged within Maetrik), ex-Wighnomy Brother Robag Wrumhe (pictured above in delightful and gorgeousful spring-accented attire) and Forward’s helmsman DJ Adnan. They will conspire to rock the Works to its foundations with a choice selection of deep, groovin,’ house and tech-house. You will dance, get sweaty and make pronouncements that the party was hecka fun and that you would have loved if it went on for another six hours.

Jeepers, we would love it too if the party could go on for another six hours and we’re not saying that you should party for another six hours afterwards, but if you want to then that’s a choice you must make, based on your moral compass and the relationship you have with god (or alternative deities, pagan or otherwise). You are now asking why religion should even enter into this blog post. Well, perhaps this night will be a religious experience, and if the credentials of the men on the decks are anything to go by, then it certainly should be.

Robag Wruhme (known to his auntie as Gabor Schablitzki) has gained himself a rep as a hard-drinking, hard mixin’ man who goes all out to stick it to the dance floor. He has releases on labels like Kompakt and DJ Koze’s imprint, Pampa and has remixed artists such as Claude Von Stroke and Nitzer Ebb. Maceo Plex is a house project by US born, but Barcelona based, Eric Estornel. Many techno acolytes will know him better as Maetrik. As Maceo Plex he explores a fusion of funk and house and has released material on the highly prolific UK label Crosstown Rebels. Check out his Resident Advisor mix here.

So this night of techno/house/funk fusion will most likely leave sweat a drippin’ down the walls and dancers a groovin’ across the floor. If that’s not a reason to shout out a coupla two or three hallelujahs, I don’t know what is. Right? A religious experience awaits.