The Works Features Christopher Willits With An Evening Of Music, Film And Food

On Sunday October 2nd the Works will host an evening of music, film and food called Public/Overlap, which features the music of artist Christopher Willits, DJ Centipede (aka Mophono) and Gamelan Gender Wayang. The event will run from 7:00pm on Sunday, October 2nd til 11:00pm.

Willits, a San Francisco-based musician, has released his lush, polyphonic music on labels such as Ghostly International from Ann Arbor, Belgian imprint Sub Rosa and Japan’s Plop label. He is noted for his intricate guitar-based approach that utilizes software designed by Willits himself. He also has the unique pedigree of having recorded an album with veteran Japanese experimental musician, Ryuichi Sakamoto, “Ocean Fire” from 2007.

DJ Centipede, often known as Mophono, is a Bay Area beat maker whose music and club nights continue the West Coast tradition of taking hip-hop and bending its corners into abstract shapes. Centipede’s long-running weekly Change The Beat has featured guests from the new wave of transcendent funk coming out of California; artists such as The Gaslamp Killer, Shlomo and Salva. For more proof of the man’s aural and manual dexterity check his Cut Form Crush album, which dropped earlier this year.

Gamelan Gender Wayang are a Bay Area group who perform traditional Balinese gender wayang music, which is traditionally part of wayang kulit (shadow puppet theater). They provide music for local music, dance, and theater companies such as, ShadowLight Productions’ traditional Balinese shadow puppeteer Larry Reed, Gamelan Sekar Jaya, Gamelan Sari Raras, and Gadung Kasturi and also share their beautiful, polyphonic and layered music at conferences, weddings, parties, graduations, memorial services, and even bar mitzvahs.

On top off all this there will  be food  vendors and film, including these presentations, Chiasmus (2003) by Daïchi Saïto, which is an exploration of the processes of sight and hearing, and Luthier (2010) by Kevin T. Allen, an experimental piece portraying the aging master luthier Raul Orlando Perez and looking at the craft of instrument making as alchemy. The film is currently in production and this showing will serve as a trailer.

So if you want to immerse yourself in an evening of lush and beautiful sounds, sights and tastes please join us at the Works on Sunday, October 2nd at 7pm.

Chris Orr