The Works Gets Some Hi-Tek Soul

In this blog post I’m going to sell the fact that Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson are performing together under their Hi Tek Soul monicker on Saturday, November 12th. OK, where do I start? Saunderson and May were two of the people who originated Detroit techno. Right, that’s pretty much it. Next blog post.

But seriously, these two men were present at the birth of techno and because they enjoy playing music together they’ve taken their thang on the road. With a set up that includes four decks, four CD players, a drum machine, and a keyboard they are going to make some righteous noise. If you’ve thrilled to, or been wowed by, Detroit techno in the past then this should be something to check out. Down the years, and especially since their original material began coming out in the late ’80s these two men have been in-demand djs all over the globe.

Their music was a bolt from the blue for those who were lucky enough to catch the first blast of it. Their early releases were astounding and the remixes that followed shortly after ignited an entire movement. Initially the music was part of the acid house wave that hit Britain and the rest of Europe in ’87 and ’88, but by the early ’90s techno was a force unto itself and has stayed that way since.

So pencil this date into your little notebook and come down to the floor at the Works for an advanced selection of robo-funk. It’s gonna be a kick ass night.

Chris Orr