The Works Presents A Master Class In House And Techno

If you’re gonna throw a party featuring some of the most upfront, wicked techno and house music available on the face of this, or any other, planet, you’re gonna need to start early and go way late. And that is precisely what we’re gonna do. That’s the rambly preamble (or is it a preramable? Prerambly?) out of the way, so let’s get straight to the point. And here it is, on Saturday, September 10th Dax and Public Works bring you a line up that will blow your mind, float your boat and tickle you pink.

Headlining is Barem — or Mauricio Barembuem as the guy at the bookies knows him — who hails from Buenos Aires and who has released singles on cult imprints like Foundsound and singles and a full-length on Richie Hawtin’s M_nus label. Matt Tolfrey joins Barem from Nottingham in the UK, where he heads up the respected Leftroom label. He has also released material on high-profile labels like Cocoon and REKIDS.

As if that wasn’t enough, these heavy-hitters are joined by L.A.’s John Tejada, a man who has been around since the late ’90s with top-notch tunes on his own Palette label and on respected imprints like Plug Research, Detroit’s 7th City and Poker Flat. For a refreshing blast of minimal, understated, yet effortlessly melodic, techno check his newest album, Parabolas, on Kompakt. And finally Geddes joins us from London town, where he and his Mulletover crew have taken the city back to rocking warehouse parties and a tough house/techno sound. He has also put out tunes on Tsuba and Moodmusic while he and his Mulletover crew have been attracting crowds of up to 2000 people at under the radar spots in the UK and hosting stages at festivals across Europe.

And on top of the top of all that the night is rounded out with a who’s who of SF talent, including Anthony Mansfield, live sets from Antacid and Sammy D’s Pillow Talk project, Dax, Sunset’s very own Galen, and Mozaic. So what are ya waitin’ for? This baby’s gonna rock. Are you down for some groove maneuvers on the floor at the Works? If so, please join us for what will be an epic night of largeness.

Chris Orr