The Works Takes Us Back To School

In our year of operation we have featured some very new-school music and we have had djs and bands that took it back to the old school. Our sense of community is reflected in the breadth of underground musical talent that passes through our doors and throws down on the floor at the Works. No sound is taboo and no genre is left unturned. It is also displayed in how we connect with several of the Bay Area’s truly energizing and artistically productive non-profits. Sharing with the community is one the things that defines  Public Works’…well…public works.

This month Public Works has been given the opportunity to take it back to school period — no reference to old or new — because September is Back to School Month!!! A portion of our takings for the entire month will be given to local organizations, Mission Graduates and Seven Teepees Youth Program. These Mission based groups are going all out to help today’s youngsters in a truly positive way. They strive to give the city’s youth the support and direction they need to realize their dreams and aspirations.

Mission Graduates goes beyond orthodox methods and realizes a bond between student, family and community. They are, in their own words, “building a community where every young person has the opportunity to discover their personal pathway through education.” While Seven Teepees Youth Program is devoted to “impacting the lives of promising inner-city youth.” Their mission is to work with the urban youth entrusted to their care in a way that will foster the skills they need to make lifelong positive choices and to create their own opportunities for success.

We feel that these are noble aims, especially in a time when the challenges for kids in urban areas grow ever greater. So if you’re in the city, you’re a regular at our spot and you want to see the young team get all the help they need (remember all the help you got as a young ‘un), when you join us in September your small dance steps will do something giant for the kids. So come on through and get on the floor at the Works.

Chris Orr