Think big and help bring a de-constructed 747 to Burning Man

On Friday, August 19, we invite you to come to Public Works with a Big Imagination. We’re hosting a fundraiser for the Big Imagination Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to incubating new ideas, new talent, and making the impossible possible.

Big Imagination’s big idea is The 747 Project — a total conversion of a 1985 Boeing 747 into a mobile art experience. In other words, Big Imagination will be transforming a 231 foot long double-decker airplane into a Burning Man art car.

Isometric rendering of the completed 747 Project

If that sounds like a crazy project, Big Imagination would agree with you. But true to their name, they think big, and they’ve assembled a motley crew of artists, engineers, designers, builders, and logistics wizards to make this seemingly impossible idea a reality.

But a project of this size and scope requires a lot of funding. That’s why we’re throwing a Big Party to raise funds.


Musical selections for the evening come courtesy of Marques Wyatt, an L.A. legend who has been bringing the sound of Chicago and New York house music to the West Coast since the early ’90s. He hasn’t let up: he’s still bringing the gospel of house all over the world. Here’s a recent mix recorded live at the Lincoln Speakeasy in Venice.

Joining him is Nikita, part of the listed crew, who came up in San Francisco before a recent move to New York. He’s known for smooth tech-house grooves, like what’s on offer in this recent mix from Monday Night Social in L.A.

We invite you to join us and make this big idea a reality. Come dressed in your favorite flight, travel, and Playa attire! See you next Friday!