Triage – it’s the magic number!

Great things come in threes. Peanut butter, jelly, and bread. Money, power, and fame. And, of course, Portland’s powerhouse of bass: Triage. Triage is the conjoined effort of Debt, Liar, and Seth Norman. When asked what Traige’s favorite breakfast food is, the group collectively stated that it was bacon, eggs, and toast. Their favorite classical literature: The Three Muskateers. Their favorite movie: The Three Amigos. Triage’s favorite hair product is Tres Flores, they are partial to taking three shots of Triple Sec and Tres Agaves, and at the end of a long night of partying you will find them three sheets to the wind. For stocking stuffers this Christmas, the trio gave each other the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and for dinner, when they are in town, they will be served tri-tip. We are hoping to have them back at least twice for a three-peat, and when they do drop that nasty, grimy, amazingly intense bass-fueled proper sauce for your face, we are pretty sure that for at least one bar, the hi hats will appear in triplets. Three is the magic number, don’t forget: a man and a woman have a little baby – now there are three in the family… that’s the magic number.

Check out Triage in the Oddjob Loft at Public Works this Saturday for the return of STUPID PHAT