?uestlove Comes Back To Rock The Spot…And He Will, Oh Yes He Will!

Do you remember the last time you heard a dj spin a clutch of genres effortlessly and with party-rockin’ finesse? Right, neither do I. In these generic “let’s program music like top 40 radio ” times it’s a rare and beautiful thing to hear a dj just mash it up and swish it around. But wait, I do remember the last time I heard a dj really do this. It was on August the 13th at the Works and that dj was ?uestlove from the Roots. In the space of one glorious three hour span he worked hip-hop, house, funk, indie rock, the Cure, pop, soul, r&b and disco into one glorious stew that made you scratch your head — while you wound your waste, shook your butt and marveled at the versatility and technical adroitness of the man.

Well on Saturday, October 8th, thanks to Ankh Marketing, you will get the opportunity to witness him in the mix once again, he will rock your world and you will like it. San Francisco funksters Sake One, Apollo and Mark Divita will open the party and set the correct tone for the night. DJ ?uestlove will play some party jams you’ve heard forever, but in a way you’ve never heard them played before. He’ll play tunes that make you think, “he can’t be playing this,” he’ll play tunes that will make you wind, glide and rock and he’ll play tunes that will make you react with thoughts like “what the hell is he doing playing this, I oughta go up there and tell him to play something better, or make a request for something that’s on the radio right now, oh wait, I kinda like this song, no, I really like the song, I wanna dance to this song right now, I want to take all my clothes off and dance in the wind to this song.” Or maybe not, but you get the picture.

This will be a smashing night of seamlessly programmed uber-party jameroonies and you will enjoy every mili (vanilli) second of them on the floor at the Works. Okey dokey?

Chris Orr