We’re Hella Excited About Mission United

Mission United. Is it an airline, is it a soccer team, is it a bird or is it a plane? Dear reader, it is none of these. It is a kick-ass party at Public Works on Friday, July 29th. It will be fun, and you will be there, you’ll note it on Four Square, or be square. Be square is not a phone app that tells your friends that you’re square btw, just in case there’s any confusion.

In the main room we have this selection of wicked entertainments, the Hard French DJs, Carnita and Brown Amy, Afrolicious with live percussionists, the 2 Men Will Move You DJs, Primo and  Jordan, a Live PA by Qumbia Qrew, playing a set of Queer Qumbia. And then on top of that, as well as, in addition to, and plus, there is the Oddjob room (you know, the room with the wee house in it) and in there we have the Lights Down Low DJ’s, Sleazemore and Eli Glad, Marco de la Vega of 120 minutes (like 60 Minutes, but twice as long), Shovelman and Jonah and Christa Larrama.

And then, even more stuff that is on top of all the other stuff that is on top of the first stuff we mentioned, there is this, a trunk show and fashion installation curated by Archetype Boutique, which will feature clothing from the likes of Camile Bemer of Kucoon Designs, Dear Mina, Josie Adele, Love and Keep, Sea Pony Couture, Stone Pony Vintage, Wood Thumb and Venus Superstar. And then if that wasn’t even enough for youz there will also be food from Chile Lindo Empanadas, Good Food Catering and Taza.

The proceeds from the whole shebang, shindig and shenanigans will go the Mission district non-profits, SFSmiles &the Homeless Prenatal Program and Dolores Street Community Services, and the entire, complete and utter thing is hosted by Mission Mission Blog. Jeepers, is it gonna a serious gang, grip, gob or gradient (i.e. hill) of fun? Yes it is!

Chris Orr