What is a Dreamhole?

Indeed, and what a great question. If only we had a great answer. But, maybe we do. A Dreamhole is a little break in the fabric of existence from whence (this is a pretentious little word isn’t it?) dreams emanate. There, that’s it in a nutshell and hopefully that has thrown some light on the matter. So moving swiftly along to another matter entirely that is not Dreamhole related.

OK, hold up, so you know, you know the score, this is a post on Public Works’ blog so Dreamhole must be connected to a party in some form or fashion and you are right, it is. Dreamhole is a little party that we are throwing with the club’s resident djs and our friend Whitch (whose name may or may not be Marco). To buck convention — or perhaps it’s because of a convention — we’re kicking off the festivities at midnight, the Whitching hour, much to Whitch’s glee by the bay, by the way (if you have glee in San Francisco by the way then that glee is, of course, by the bay).

We’ll go til four or later, and the music will reflect the late hour and holes that are full of dreams. Please join us on the floor at the Works as we go deep, dark and daring into the AM.

Chris Orr