Who Would We Woogie With?

I’m sure you’ve had a boogie, you’ve been to night where the djs were playing boogie, and you might have seen the movie Boogie Nights, but — and it’s a big but — have you ever had a woogie? Eh, huh, mmm? I don’t want to be presumptuous but I’d wager the answer is no. Well your chance to experience a woogie has arrived. On Saturday, the 22nd of Rocktober we at the Works will host a party called, yeah, you guessed it, Woogie Nights.

Woogie Nights is a joint venture in the Oddjob Loft by Pocket Underground and The Do LaB. It features the legendary talents of Pumpkin, Android Cartel, Sammy Bliss and Gravity. All four of these folks/entities/artists has mad skills in rocking the crowd and will do so on Saturday, you betcha. Pumpkin has already played for us and rocked it hard. Sammy Bliss, a founding member of Pocket Underground will be bring the chuggy, chunky techy house bidness while Android Cartel will be dealing in the big room techno that has brought them acclaim here and abroad. Gravity is a Chicago native and resident at Pink Mammoth. He now resides full time in San Francisco and is fully engaged with some of the city’s best party providers.

Seeeeooooo, you’ve had a boogie but by Sunday morning you can safely say that yes you have had a woogie too. If you’re thinking of coming early, around 9PM, check this out and  save a wee bit of dinero.

Chris Orr