Why Rave When You Can Rebelrave?

Indeed, a succinct and well-balanced question, fair and balanced even. Why would you just settle for a rave when you could have a fantastic, all-inclusive, 360 degree Rebelrave? The answer is that you wouldn’t settle, you would opt for the Rebelrave and you’d be right. You would be making the correct consumer choice in relation to raving. So we at the Works, in conjunction with Scion, have decided to step in — as befits free market, equal access to raving — and offer one doozy of a rave on Friday, October 21st.

You don’t have to necessarily be a rebel, though it would be no harm to be one of those people described as ‘edgy.’ However we’d hope that you don’t actually have edges, sharp ones that we could cut ourselves on. Like one minute we’re asking you, “Well what about those goddurned Giants eh?” and the next minute blood is pouring from the places where our arms used to be, and we’re screaming, “You and your f$%!ing edges again. How much reconstructive surgery do we have to undergo to keep this friendship going?”

OK so I trailed off a bit into the cosmos there and I know I’m needed back on planet earth, so where was I? Right yeah, Rebelrave on Friday, Rocktober 21st. It will feature the ever-fantastical Damian Lazarus (pictured) of Crosstown Rebels fame, a young gentleperson who rocked the holy living bejabus out of the UK and Europe with his, and his label’s, brand of chunky, relentless techy housiness. Now he resides in Los Angeles and is in the midst of doing the same to ‘murica while flying back over to Europe now and again to shoot ’em up lest they get any ideas over there about not being rocked enough by chunky, relentless, techy housiness.

Yesh, and Mr. Lazarus will be joined by Toronto’s Art Department, L.A.’s Droog, San Francisco’s Dead Seal — whose recent Alland Byallo remixed jam, “Koo Koo Mind,” was as sublime a slice of minimal, techy housiness as you will find in all the land. Also on board for this aaaarrrrr…Rebel Rave are local ne’erdowells Re:Body, a city-based duo comprised of Briski and Nolan Haener, who have been throwing well-proper under the ground parties (including the Art Department debut at the Compound) and rocking their tastiness all over everyone for a significant amount of time. And add to that already stacked line-up Adnan and Dax, two legendary djs and promoters who know how to bring the noise and rock the disco tech.

What more could you posshibly want? You know you’ll be there, we know you’ll  be there, you know that we know that you know you’ll be there, and other people — some of whom we might not know, but that you might or vice versa — will know that you know that we know that you know you’ll be there. So be there or be somewhat confused (like me right now). This night is gonna rock. So come and rock it with us on the floor at the Works.

Chris Orr