Venue Specs

Public Works is a ground-breaking new event space in San Francisco’s Mission District. The venue features state of the art audio, video, and production capabilities suitable for all types of events. Whether you’re looking to host a corporate event with slideshow style presentations featuring crisp text and rich graphics or promote a cutting edge music event, Public Works has everything you need to create an immersive, eye-popping visual experience.


Main Room Video Specifications:

  • –  (3) Viewsonic PJL7211 2.2k lumen projectors (1024×768 native resolution) [covering side & rear walls of the venue]
  • –  (1) Panasonic D5600U 5k lumen projector (1024×768 native resolution, support up to 1080i) [rear wall coverage only]
  • –  (1) Extron 8×8 VGA Switcher
  • –  (1) Matrox Triplehead (feeds the (3) PJL7211s projectors to create a continuous 3072×768

    projection covering rear & side walls)

  • –  (2) LG Blu-Ray Players (capable of DVD, Blu-Ray, MP2, MP4, JPEG playback via optical disc

    & USB)

  • –  (1) custom built PC video server running Windows 7, Resolume Arena 4, Nvidia GTX 750

    (capable of ~45 FPS @ 3072×768)

  • –  XLR stereo audio feed, adapters available
  • –  various HDMI, VGA, DVI, mini-DisplayPort, and composite video converters/adapters

    Main Room Video Matrix Connection Diagram:


Stage VGA

Desk VGA



Triplehead #1

Triplehead #2

Loft Out

Triplehead #3


PJL7211 #1

PJL7211 #2

PJL7211 #3


Loft Matrix In

Computer Monitor




Loft Video Specifications:

– (2) NEC NP-M300XS 3k lumen projectors (1024×768 native resolution, support up to 1080p)

– (1) HDMI to VGA adapter – Extron 4×4 VGA Matrix


Side Wall NP-M300XS

Rear Wall NP-M300XS




Main Room Feed

LG Blu-Ray Player

Aux VGA 1

Aux VGA 2